Mission Statement: To peacefully advocate for those unable to advocate for themselves. Inspire communities to unite against crime, violence and incarceration. Enable communities to build lasting interpersonal connections among children and adults through goodwill, peace, diversity of thought and culture.




To alleviate generational dysfunction and needless loss of life.

What is the Commander Peace Academy? 

​The Commander Peace Academy (CPA) is a public safety initiative designed for maximum community impact, focused on reduction of crime, violence and incarceration within inner city communities. Our community campaigns build lasting interpersonal connections among community influencers, to better affect positive outcomes for future generations. 



What Makes the Commander Peace Academy Different?

CPA develops tailored campaigns within each designated community. We do not believe one size fits all. The CPA seeks to move adults and children from the feeling of isolation to immediate inclusion. Many popular off-site programs place financial and mobile limitations on the families who have the greatest need of participation.


However, the CPA is designed to bring the program of change to the community. With continued community interaction comes lasting trust, while leaving visible footprints of success in the community where the participants live, move and have their being. 


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Commander Peace Academy is a 501(c)3 organization recognized by the internal revenue service.  Contributions are tax-deductible.

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