What are the key components of the Commander Peace Academy?


1.  Advocating for Safety, safety is essential for positive development. Safety is both a physical and a psychological phenomenon. The corollary is that adults in charge of youth need to do more than just mouth the importance of safety; they need to take extra steps to instill practices that reduce the probability of unforeseen threats at home and within the communities where they live. 

2.  Targeted teaching approaches, such as art, theatre, workshops, educational games and guided social interactions in the communities where they live, have been proven to be an effective social norm’s approach of elevation.  The Peace Project believes this shift in behavior can help alleviate feelings of powerlessness, inferiority and personal unworthiness. This interaction can take place throughout many area communities by leaving a lasting impression and bridging the gap where offsite programs leave off. 


3.  Facilitating community cohesion, putting the neighbor, back in neighborhood.


Peace breaks the chains of incarceration.

Peace saves more lives than CPR!

Peace has more firepower than an AK47!

Peace is more embracing than any gang!

Peace keeps more people out of prison than the most powerful attorney.

Peace stops more bullets than a bulletproof vest.

Peace confirms ALL lives really do matter.

Peace transforms mislabeled perceptions.

Peace promotes health, wealth and wisdom!

Peace saves lives.

Activate the Power of Peace and live peaceably. 

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